Wed, 05 Mar 2008

Speed up Windows with... encryption !!?!

I was listening to the Security Now! podcast yesterday, where Steve Gibson talked about the latest release of TrueCrypt. I've had great experiences with TrueCrypt in the past, and Steve seems to have nothing but good things to say about it as well.

The most fascinating thing that he mentioned was that in his benchmarks (which entailed restoring a very fragged XP image, then running a batch script which used ntimer to clock the windows defraggers and vopt), Windows ran significantly *FASTER* when fully-encrypted with TrueCrypt, than without.

So it seems that the TrueCrypt guys have created drivers that not only encrypt/decrypt your data seemlessly on the fly, but are actually quite faster than the default Windows drivers. Amazing.

I haven't tried to reproduce this locally, as I try to avoid firing up my Windows vm guest at all costs. However, I'm interested to hear if anyone else notices this dramatic performance boost that Steve talks about when using TrueCrypt5 in Windows.

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Posted by Anonymous at Thu Mar 6 06:20:27 2008

You're a sucker if you believe anything Steve Gibson says.

Posted by lewk at Thu Mar 6 12:11:11 2008

Haha, sure ?

I haven't tried to reproduce this myself,  but I'd love to see some benchmarks from others as well.