Mon, 07 Apr 2008

ThinkPad X300 vs Z61t vs T43

So I recently purchased a shiny new Thinkpad X300 to replace my T43. I must say that the X300 is an absolutely incredible machine, but I'll let the graphs speak for themselves :)

Below are the results of some benchmarks that I ran comparing the Thinkpad X300, Z61t and T43. All machines were running Fedora 8 using the kernel. CPU benchmarks were done using hardinfo, and disk benchmarks done with bonnie++. Graphs created with flot.

More benchmarks comparing various Fedora releases / configurations coming soon!

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Posted by Moggers87 at Tue Apr 8 15:12:24 2008

Your links are a bit broken.

Posted by lewk at Tue Apr 8 20:08:29 2008

Thanks, they are now fixed.

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