Tue, 28 Oct 2008

TurboGears2 on Fedora

So, I was finally able to force myself to take a break from hacking on a few different TG2 applications to actually sit down and package everything up, submit it all for review, and make sure everything Just Works on Fedora.

You can start playing with TurboGears2 by throwing my tg2.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d, and then by installing the TurboGears2 package. It should work fine alongside of any existing TurboGears 1.x installs, however it will pull in SQLAlchemy 0.5, which may or may not cause problems with older models. Once installed, checkout the fantastic TurboGears2 documentation for details on diving into the framework.

I already have two TurboGears2 applications currently in production, and have had nothing but amazing experiences with the new stack. I still love working on my older TG1.0 apps (such as bodhi), which will still be supported for a long time, but with the ridiculous amounts of power that WSGI/Pylons/Paste/SQLAlchemy/ToscaWidgets/Mako gives you, I'm extremely tempted to start porting :)

Aside from testing the packages, you can also help by reviewing various parts of the stack so we can get them into Fedora as soon as possible. The TG2 dependency tree of pending reviews can be found here.

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