Tue, 27 May 2008

New openbox hotness in Fedora

I've been a huge fan of the *box window managers for a long time -- openbox being my favorite, due to it's extremely minimal nature. Thanks to the help of Fedora openbox maintainer Miroslav Lichvar, the dynamic pipe menu that I wrote a while back is now integrated into Fedora's openbox package. This means that you no longer need to hack XML files to make your menu useful. Here is what it looks like "out of the box":

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Thu, 25 Oct 2007

Shiny new Security LiveCD

The Fedora-based security livecd that I created a little while back is coming along quite nicely. I have yet to submit it to become an officially blessed Fedora spin, mainly because I didn't want it to be Yet Another gnome-based livecd with a bunch of extra packages shoved into it. If we're going to try and even remotely compare to existing livecds such as backtrack, we're going to have to try a little bit harder :)

I've gotten multiple requests from people asking for a minimal security livecd, with something a bit slimmer than GNOME, preferably *box. Being a proud openbox user for the past 6 years -- I gladly complied. So, the other day on the bus ride home from work, I re-based the spin against the minimal configuration, and tweaked out the openbox configuration quite a bit.

The default openbox menu contains a few boilerplate entries, most of which are for applications that don't even exist in a default Fedora install. I went ahead and threw together a menu that is categorized by the type of security tool in the spin. I also wanted the ability for users to have access to the same menu entries as our default GNOME menu. To accomplish this, I hacked up a dynamic openbox pipe menu, which generates the same menu hierarchy as the GNOME application menu, on-the-fly :)

#!/usr/bin/python -tt

import gmenu

def walk_menu(entry):
    if entry.get_type() == gmenu.TYPE_DIRECTORY:
        print '<menu id="%s" label="%s">' % (entry.menu_id, entry.get_name())
        map(walk_menu, entry.get_contents())
        print '</menu>'
    elif entry.get_type() == gmenu.TYPE_ENTRY and not entry.is_excluded:
        print """
            <item label="%s">
              <action name="Execute">
        """ % (entry.get_name(), entry.get_exec())

print "<openbox_pipe_menu>"
map(walk_menu, gmenu.lookup_tree('applications.menu').root.get_contents())
print "</openbox_pipe_menu>"

Patches/comments/suggestions/criticism welcome! See the SecurityLiveCD wiki for more details on how to spin your own and get involved.

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