Sun, 23 Sep 2007

open source music

I've played around with a good number of open music communities, and have had by far the most fun with splice music. They have a huge sound library and a pretty amazing flash-based tool that lets you instantly pull in other peoples sounds.

Within a week of uploading a handful of sounds that I had lying around, there have already been multiple people make remixes with my beats. DJ [DeadBeat] recently took 3 of my beats that I made with my roomates Micron and mixed them together with some sick flows, entitled "KCentric's Hip Hop for Dummies". It's a bit raw at the moment, but it definitely has potential to become something amazing. I'll most likely be remixing it in the near future.

You can listen to and remix the track below ;) (subwoofer recommended).

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Made with the Splice online sequencer.

Come to find out, KCentric is an extremely talented musician who has been transcending musical boundaries for years now. From

"Kawaski "KCentric" Nelson carves out a unique musical niche that fuses modern jazz, hip-hop, downbeat, and electronic instrumental styles of music. As a native of Montgomery, Alabama he was raised on a healthy dose of blues, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, soul, and gospel music.

Since his earliest days, he has frequently sought alternatives to the musical mainstream. He continues to push his artistic boundaries through music and various other creative mediums including songwriting, media scoring, digital art, internet, television, video, and indie film projects.

KCentric has been featured on Sirius Radio, various internet radio shows, and numerous podcasts around the world. He currently serves as a digital content creator and a electronic remixer/artist.

I definitely recommend checking some of his stuff out.

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Tue, 11 Sep 2007

Rocking out in Boston

For those who aren't aware, Boston kicks ass. There is a ton of stuff to do every night of the week, and there are always amazing concerts. Here are some shows that I will be attending in the near future.

9/13/07 - Calyx & TeeBee
This show is going to be absolutely face melting. Calyx and TeeBee are the best Drum 'n Bass producers on the planet, and they just released an amazing album recently. So looking forward to this.

9/29/07 - Soulive
Funkyassgrooves. 'nuff said.

10/04/07 - Steve Vai
No only is Vai one of the greatest guitar players in existence, but he also has the most hilarious mannerisms and facial expressions ever (see about 1:10 into this video for an example).

10/17/07 - Rodrigo Y Gabriela
An incredible acoustic duet. If you haven't heard of them, look them up on the tubes.

10/27/07 - Big D & the Kids Table
I grew up idolizing these guys. My band in high school ended up playing a handful of shows with them, and eventually recorded an album in their basement. It'll be good to see these guys in action again.

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Sun, 17 Jun 2007


My roomate recently received an Alesis Micron synth as a wedding present, and then proceeded to leave it with me for a week while he went on his honeymoon. Much noise ensued.

Here are a couple of tracks I recorded while messing around with it. Due to the lack of time to actually sit down and produce a cohesive song, I'm throwing them up as-is. I'm also releasing them under the Creative Commons so anyone can chop them up if they want.

This track hits hard the whole way through, but seriously starts dropping shit like a pigeon about 5 minutes in. It's comprised of two tracks: the beat, and miscellaneous insanity that I was able to find while exploring the capabilities of the micron.

A journey through insomnia. I really don't remember recording this at all, as I had been awake for about 50 hours. The end product is pretty nuts. I cannot be held responsible. It's a single track; just one long jam.

(As for the naming scheme, I have been reading way too much pre-socratic philosophy lately)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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Sat, 19 May 2007


A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Zoom H4 stereo recorder, which is essentially a 4-track studio in the palm of your hands. After playing around with it for a few weeks, I must say that it has exceeded my expectations in every way (except for some user interface quirks). Having ~10 instruments and a steady stream of musicians in my apartment, it's amazing to finally be able to simply press a button and lay down tracks or record a jam session instantly.

I setup an account on ccMixter and threw up a couple of tracks that I've recorded (one being the some circuit bending that I recorded a while back). The other track, arasmas.ogg, I recorded the other day while playing around with some reverse delay and an acoustic guitar. It's trippy as hell and turned out to be kinda cool. I will be throwing the random shit that I record up on ccMixter in hopes of eventually being able to collaborate with other musicians around the world to produce some face-melting music.

(also, drop me a line if you happen to be interested in picking up a Zoom H4; I'm able to get them cheaper than you can find anywhere online)

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Mon, 14 Aug 2006


So recently I've been working on a little project in my free time that involves circuit bending a little $5 keyboard I bought from goodwill.

I sat down with today with my rio mp3 player and recorded a little bit with a prototype I've been working on: 0.ogg (276.1k) (warning: it's pretty out there)

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You know it's nearing the end of the academic quarter when at any given time you have absolutely no idea of the current day/month/time/news/holiday -- school completely takes over (even if you try not to let it). Lets just say I've had my fill of writing serial drivers and interrupt service routines (for now).

Went to see GWAR in niagara last thursday, who were much more insane than the first time I saw them; always an entertaining show. The next day Lindsey and I headed back to MA for the weekend. Got a chance to relax in the hottub and then watch movies by the fire on saturday night, which was definitely necessary. Sunday we spent the day in boston, and hit up our old stomping ground -- Harvard Square. Ran into my favorite bum, who surprisingly recognized me right away, and of course asked for some change. I was also excited to hit up my favorite clothing store, the proletariat, and grabbed a few of his latest shirt designs. Later that night we went and saw Buckethead at the paradise rock club... by far one of the greatest musicians I've ever seen in person.

So apparently today is my day of birth. Had a pretty chill gathering last night, which consisted of the usual ingredients (good food, tasty beverages, jamming, etc). I definitely got spoiled this year with a pair of Etymotic Isolator Earphones, Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers, and probably the greatest book ever printed on paper:

Aside from the earphones, my buddy Josh also invited Lindsey and I to come stay at his [very rich] grandfathers place, The Clive House in Jamaica during spring break. /me lusts.

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