Thu, 06 Nov 2008

Birthday / Halloween

So, I turned 24 years old on Sunday. I ended up randomly flying to Rochester, NY with my buddy Pat to spend the weekend rocking out. With zero plans set ahead of time, during the 3 days of playing it by ear I ended up catching 3 concerts (Dieselboy, Revision, and Argus Eye), eating 3 Mark's Plates, hitting up a ridiculous number of parties, catching up with a ton of friends, and started recruting a couple of brilliant CSH freshman.

There is absolutely no way I could ever top my Bob Flanagan halloween costume from 2003 (photos are not safe for internet consumption), but this years was quite amusing. As a last minute idea, I ended up going as an AIG Employee.

Overall, a great weekend :)

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Fri, 07 Sep 2007

</college><real world>

After a 2+ year long internship, I have accepted a full-time job offer with Red Hat, Inc. As far as I know, I'll be mainly working on the Fedora Project -- and since Fedora encompasses and innovates the open-source world, the opportunities are pretty limitless.

I'm extremely grateful to be able to work with an incredible community, and an amazing company full of brilliant minds. I look forward to helping open source take over the world.

Also, thanks to whoever filled my cube with Fedora 6 ppc DVDs, and various half-empty packs of gum. Much appreciated ;)

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Fri, 10 Aug 2007

With my college career at RIT coming to an end, I had to say goodbye to Rochester NY last week. My last day in Rochester consisted of open face for lunch, and a tasty Mark's Sloppy Plate for dinner -- with an abundance of ruckus in between.

So last week I moved into a sweet apartment in Watertown, MA. The place is right on Arlington street, and is in a pretty amazing neighborhood. I'm 1 block from a basketball court, 2 blocks from a 24/7 711 (my girlfriend and I have already made multiple 4am slurpee & nacho runs), and a 10 minute bus ride to harvard square.

One of my favorite parts about Watertown is that it is really not chainy at all. Every corner has a ton of mom&pop shops, and I haven't seen a single McDonalds yet. But by far the best part about living here -- RUSSOS!!1.

One of the kids who lived in my last apartment left me with a pretty badass server rack, which I gladly accepted. I still need to order some more shelving and such, but it's great to finally have a central place for all of my puters.

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Thu, 28 Jun 2007

an abundance of rhetoric

So half-summer classess are way more intense than I ever expected (5 week as opposed to the standard 10 week quarters). I'm in the midst of week 4 (essentially week 8) of Ancient Philosophy, which completes my minor, and Artificial Intelligence, which concludes my CS classes at RIT. With very limited time for bloggery, here is what I've been up to recently:

  • Gave a Fedora 7 presentation at BarCampROC. I got a chance to meet Fedora Ambassador Karlie Robinson, and discussed and learned about some interesting viral marketing techniques.
  • I saw two presentations by Radia Perlman, the "mother of the internet", here at RIT. Radia is incredibly down to earth, and incredibly brilliant.
  • Caught a talk about Haiku OS by a CSH alum, Michael Phipps. You can watch a Google Tech Talk about HaikuOS here
  • Saw an amazing convocation speech for my graduation by Bill Clinton. He definitely dropped the word "Ubuntu".
  • Designed and implemented an expert system for my AI class called Scrutiny (and wrote a 10 page paper about it). The initial prototype is written in pure Python, powered by an SQLite db, and has a set of plugins to aid in the sustainment of computer system security. It's a robust forward-chaining fact-driven rule-based expert system and wields the Python framework TurboGears. I read few IEEE papers on expert system design and benchmarking, and implemented a handful of test cases such as {sequential,disjunctive,conjuntive} knowledge inference, and it performed surprisingly well. Buzzwords aside, I'll be releasing it in a couple of weeks when my class is over.

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Wed, 06 Jun 2007


So, long story short, last week I:

  • "Graduated" from RIT with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy
  • Moved into a house in downtown ROC
  • Deployed bodhi, the new Fedora Update System that is used to push out updates for Fedora 7. More details on that when I come up for air.
This week I will,
  • Start summer classes.. my last quarter @ RIT. Taking AI and ancient philosophy, along with a couple of online classes.
  • Slay bitches with Python.
  • Rock the fuck out.
  • Unpack.
  • Sleep.

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