Mon, 14 Aug 2006


You know it's nearing the end of the academic quarter when at any given time you have absolutely no idea of the current day/month/time/news/holiday -- school completely takes over (even if you try not to let it). Lets just say I've had my fill of writing serial drivers and interrupt service routines (for now).

Went to see GWAR in niagara last thursday, who were much more insane than the first time I saw them; always an entertaining show. The next day Lindsey and I headed back to MA for the weekend. Got a chance to relax in the hottub and then watch movies by the fire on saturday night, which was definitely necessary. Sunday we spent the day in boston, and hit up our old stomping ground -- Harvard Square. Ran into my favorite bum, who surprisingly recognized me right away, and of course asked for some change. I was also excited to hit up my favorite clothing store, the proletariat, and grabbed a few of his latest shirt designs. Later that night we went and saw Buckethead at the paradise rock club... by far one of the greatest musicians I've ever seen in person.

So apparently today is my day of birth. Had a pretty chill gathering last night, which consisted of the usual ingredients (good food, tasty beverages, jamming, etc). I definitely got spoiled this year with a pair of Etymotic Isolator Earphones, Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers, and probably the greatest book ever printed on paper:

Aside from the earphones, my buddy Josh also invited Lindsey and I to come stay at his [very rich] grandfathers place, The Clive House in Jamaica during spring break. /me lusts.

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