Tue, 11 Sep 2007

Rocking out in Boston

For those who aren't aware, Boston kicks ass. There is a ton of stuff to do every night of the week, and there are always amazing concerts. Here are some shows that I will be attending in the near future.

9/13/07 - Calyx & TeeBee
This show is going to be absolutely face melting. Calyx and TeeBee are the best Drum 'n Bass producers on the planet, and they just released an amazing album recently. So looking forward to this.

9/29/07 - Soulive
Funkyassgrooves. 'nuff said.

10/04/07 - Steve Vai
No only is Vai one of the greatest guitar players in existence, but he also has the most hilarious mannerisms and facial expressions ever (see about 1:10 into this video for an example).

10/17/07 - Rodrigo Y Gabriela
An incredible acoustic duet. If you haven't heard of them, look them up on the tubes.

10/27/07 - Big D & the Kids Table
I grew up idolizing these guys. My band in high school ended up playing a handful of shows with them, and eventually recorded an album in their basement. It'll be good to see these guys in action again.

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Posted by Kingdon at Fri Sep 14 19:04:33 2007

Hey Luke I got you this

Posted by Elvis "vista" Bloatly at Tue Oct 2 03:49:27 2007

If I can swing another trip to Boston, Rodrigo y Gabriella would be amazing.  I saw them on this hd music channel my buddy gets.