Tue, 15 Aug 2006

Teaching an old pup some new tricks

Thanks to the previously mentioned core update metadata enhancements that I've been working on lately, we are now able to do some pretty neat stuff with our package updating tools. So last week I cranked out a bunch of code for Fedora's package updater (pup) and it's notification applet (puplet) to utilize this new enhanced metadata and actually provide the user with some useful information.

In order to be able to attach the notification to a status icon, I had to patch libnotify's python bindings to utilize libnotify's notify_notification_attach_to_status_icon function (notify-python-0.1.0-attach_to_status_icon.patch). While poking around with the notify-python code, I tripped over a bug in libnotify that needed to be patched as well (libnotify-0.4.2-status-icon.patch). I hope to kick off patched versions of libnotify and notify-python for rawhide at some point in the near future, and apply my puplet patch as well (puplet-bubbly.patch).

For pup, I whipped up a hacked out GtkTextView to display the new update metadata, when it's available (pup-enhanced-metadata.patch) (the look and feel will most likely change). Due to the current core/extras dichomoty, this update metadata is only generated for core updates until we get a common core/extras update system in place (I've been working on porting the current update system for core over to TurboGears, and make it encompass core/extras/legacy updates). Hopefully by FC7 we will have bridged the core/extras gap completely (optimism++).

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