Tue, 20 Nov 2007

make update

I updated Fedora's Makefile.common to support an 'update' target, which has now been comitted. This gives developers the ability to push an update into bodhi with a single command.

Once your package has been built, jump into your branch and do the following:

[lmacken@tomservo F-8]$ make update
This will drop you into a template where you can specify various fields. Any bug numbers mentioned in the most recent RPM ChangeLog will be pre-populated as well.
# [ nethack-3.4.3-15.fc8 ]
# type=[S|B|E] (S=security, B=bugfix, E=enhancement) (required)
# request=[T|S] (T=testing, S=stable) (default: testing)
# bug=123,456
# all other text will be considered to be part of the update notes

Make and save your changes, and then your update will be submitted to bodhi.

Creating new update for nethack-3.4.3-15.fc8
Update successfully created

    Release: Fedora 8
     Status: pending
       Type: bugfix
      Karma: 0
    Request: testing
       Bugs: 221948 - nethack-recover looks in the wrong directory
           : 221692 - Nethack font warning
  Submitter: lmacken
  Submitted: 2007-11-20 14:25:55


See the UpdatingPackageHowTo for more information on updating your packages. You can find more details on the bodhi console client here.

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Posted by Peter Gordon at Wed Nov 21 00:21:33 2007

You infrastructure hackers are fricking awesome. Thanks very much for your hard work in making our packaging lives that much simpler! :)

Posted by Karl at Wed Nov 21 10:39:28 2007

You rock ! \o/
A huge time saver for packagers !