Thu, 06 Jan 2011

liveusb-creator 3.9.3 windows release

I spent the majority of yesterday at a DOS prompt. Thankfully, it wasn't as painful as it sounds, as git, vim and Python make Windows development quite tolerable.

Anyway, I was finally able to track down and fix a couple of major bugs in the liveusb-creator on Windows XP and 7, and I pushed out a new build yesterday with the following changes:

Windows users, download it here:

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Posted by Peter at Thu Jan 6 17:01:33 2011

Thanks Luke! Its much appreciated, hope you'll be @ FUDCon so I can buy you beer :-)

Posted by Rudy Szuch at Thu Jan 6 22:17:53 2011

I downloaded Live-usb creator 3.9.3 and tried to boot using the boot disk I downloaded 10/5/09
Sugar froze at the splash screen with three dots showing.
the 3.9.3 worked fine on the thumb drive.
Is there a newer version of the boot disk to run on xppro?

Posted by Luke Macken at Fri Jan 7 20:05:22 2011

@Peter: Yep!

@Rudy: I'm not sure what version of Sugar you downloaded, but I just tested the liveusb-creator 3.9.3 and had it download Sugar on a Stick v4, and it worked great.

Posted by Art Hunkins at Mon Jan 10 21:59:58 2011

Hi, Luke -

Live USB Creator 3.9.3 works fine with SoaS 4 (Fedora-14) and recent nightly builds, but not for SoaS 1 through 3.

With SoaS 1-3, booting halts at the SYXLINUX screen with multiple iterations of:

()esamenu.c32: not a COM32R image

I can't determine the first character above, as it is off my screen.

You can type: linux0
at the Boot prompt and continue normally (as with 3.9.2), and you don't need to press SHIFT during boot to do this.

Live USB Creator 3.9 works with SoaS 1 through 3 correctly.

Posted by Luke Macken at Tue Jan 11 23:00:03 2011

Art, looks like a syslinux incompatiblity.  I followed up via email.

Posted by Art Hunkins at Sun Mar 13 02:50:23 2011


I misspoke earlier when I said that 3.10.0 would make bootable USB's of nightly composes of SoaS. (3.10.0 works great with 0.90 Mango.) They fail somewhere after the dotted circle completes, often with a small box, "No valid session found." Then nothing but a blank screen with an active but tiny "watch-face" cursor. Seems to be in the middle of Fedora somewhere.

I need to test my Activities with a 0.92-class Sugar .iso, and am currently stymied. (Hopefully, the nightly builds represent this generation (??))

At any rate, it would be wonderful if Live USB Creator were compatible with these recent builds. Is this possible?

Thanks for all your great work.

Posted by Art Hunkins at Wed Jun 1 20:21:40 2011

@ Luke:

My latest series of LiveUSB Creator tests and various Sugar-on-a-Stick installations came up with these results:

LiveUSB Creator 3.9.2 creates only SoaS Strawberry through Mirabelle (Fedora 13).

(Then apparently the version of Syslinux changes, as you note.)

LiveUSB Creator 3.9.3 and later create SoaS Mango Lassi (Fedora 14) and higher (currently beta Fedora 15, Coconut).

Incidentally, incompatible versions of LiveUSB Creator and SoaS can still "work", but hang at the Syslinux screen - at a Boot: prompt.

at the prompt allows the boot to continue (at substantial inconvenience).

Noting these guidelines could save LiveUSB Creator users a lot of time, frustration and confusion.