Sun, 07 Dec 2014

liveusb-creator 3.13 release!

A new version of the liveusb-creator has just hit the Fedora repos! It's been a long time since there has been any major changes to the tool, but I managed to find a couple of days last week to implement some much-needed functionality.

This version features a new destructive installation method, which uses dd to directly copy the the entire ISO to to your device, overwriting your existing data and partitions. This method tends to be much more reliable, since we don't have to crack open the ISOs, mess with partition flags, or configure and install the bootloader ourselves. This also means that DVD, netinst, and boot images finally work with this new method as well. You can still perform the traditional non-destructive install that the liveusb-creator has always done, and it remains the default.

Unfortunately there is not a Windows build for this release just yet, as I hit some issues getting dd.exe to work properly in my virtual machine. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out at some point next week. If any Windows folks are out there and want to help out, checkout the Developers Guide for instructions on setting things up.

There are also a number of other features and fixes in this release, checkout the wiki for more details. The source code can also be found on GitHub.

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Posted by devhen at Wed Dec 10 01:04:54 2014

Great to see this updated. Refreshing the download list even works. Great job! :)

Posted by Max at Wed Dec 10 11:58:00 2014

This is so cool! No more "--reset-mbr" nightmare then?
Thanks for this great tool, I use it all the time :)

Posted by Nayana Adassuriya at Sat Mar 7 03:49:18 2015

Where can I download LiveUSB-Creator 3.13

Posted by choi doo hun at Fri Apr 24 23:57:37 2015

download please

Posted by Marcos Henrique da Silva at Sun May 3 18:26:58 2015

Ótimo trabalho!

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