Sat, 17 May 2008

liveusb-creator v2.4

Last night I released v2.4 of the liveusb-creator, which fixes a bunch of bugs and is much more robust.

Someone wrote a pretty cool article about the liveusb-creator on Lifehacker the other day, which made it to the front page of digg last night. Digg it up!

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Posted by Rahul Sundaram at Sat May 17 15:37:18 2008

The lifehacker article has a lot of comments and some of them point of things to improve. Also "persistent overlay" is a rather meaningless term for non-technical people. Might want to choose something easier to understand and explain it in a context sensitive help too.

Good work overall. I am waiting for a Linux GUI.

Posted by luke at Sat May 17 15:55:52 2008

suggestions for a better name than "persistent overlay" are welcome.

Posted by Rahul Sundaram at Mon May 19 15:18:32 2008

Persistent storage or permanent storage seems to be better than "persistent overlay". Context sensitive help can explain the details further. You should note especially that both software changes as well as settings can be retained.

Posted by lewk at Mon May 19 20:08:35 2008

I think "persistent storage" would be a good change.

There is already help within the application that explains this feature further.  Just click the question mark in the toolbar and then click the section that you want details on.

Posted by Rahul Sundaram at Mon May 19 20:39:09 2008

Others suggested:


* Writable Layer (this really isn't bad 'tall)
* System Change Layer
* Flexible Data Layer
* Recordable Layer (dangerously close to jargon collision, but does make good sense)"

</End Quote>

Posted by Lanette Boyle at Wed Nov 12 22:34:23 2008


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