Sat, 17 May 2008

Fedora LiveUSB Creator v2.0!

The liveusb-creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing live operating systems on to USB flash drives. Today I released version 2.0, which brings you a brand new graphical interface and a bunch of new features, including:

Download: (8.8mb)

This release is for Windows-only at the moment. Linux support is nearing completion, and will exist in later versions. In the mean time, there are already tools available for creating persistent LiveUSB keys with Fedora.

If you would like to help contribute to the liveusb-creator, see the Developers Guide for more information. If you encounter problems with the tool, please file bug reports here.

For those interested in trying out this program, but don't have a USB stick, you can buy one here.

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Posted by Lin Goodwin at Thu May 1 06:07:04 2008


I will test this extensively with USB flash and stick media.

Posted by Max Spevack at Thu May 1 14:47:02 2008

Brilliant work, Luke!  I'm looking forward to testing out this version, and the getting it some really good publicity.

Posted by Marland V. Pittman at Thu May 1 16:26:42 2008

Awesome work! Finally a GUI, but on Windows first? Heh.

I want a GUI in Linux, so I don't have to boot to Windows to show my friends how easy it is to make a USB stick.

One time I thought about switching distros, but making the USB stick is too awesome. I'll stick with Fedora.

Posted by Paul W. Frields at Sun May 4 14:26:27 2008

You are SO the man.  Great work on this utility, Luke!

Posted by Johny Maul at Fri May 16 15:14:51 2008

Great thing i do not need to install system on every computer or run slow live CD
thx man

Posted by Steve S at Fri May 16 22:37:06 2008


This is simply too awesome.

Is there any chance you could mmodify this to enable a fully encrypted installation?

Posted by robert at Tue May 20 23:54:11 2008

at least 3 times i haved used this program and it has crashed on me, rendering the installation unable to boot at startup?  whats the problem?

Posted by Scatter Computers at Wed May 21 05:42:31 2008

Great concept, but I had the CD, not the ISO. I made the CD into an ISO, but of course it didn't pass the SHA1 test so it refuses to make my Live USB. An option to ignore the SHA1 check would be a nice feature. I guess I'll have to download the ISO.

Posted by JorgeC at Tue May 27 20:34:41 2008

I agree with the rest of the comments here, this is cool!. Please keep improving it!

Posted by Napster at Mon Jun 2 01:33:08 2008

Merci bien pour cette logiciel.

Posted by Shane Douglas at Fri Jun 6 05:55:38 2008

Wow its about time someone made it simple. Thank you fedora.

Posted by neba at Thu Sep 18 15:34:57 2008

Where can I get a usb stick like the one in the picture? One with the fedora sign on it? :)

Posted by Chad Klein at Thu Nov 13 00:14:41 2008