Thu, 21 Feb 2008

A dedicated Gobby session is now running on !

*UPDATE*: To address some initial security concerns, I've locked down this instance to Fedora contributors only. The password can be found in ~lmacken/gobby on (via ssh) Yes, this raises the bar a little bit, but more of a reason to get a Fedora account ;)

What is Gobby, you ask?

"Gobby is a free collaborative editor supporting multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-like platforms."

If you're running Fedora, simply install the 'gobby' package, and you're ready to go. Click "Join Session", and connect to "". You'll then be able to collaborate in real-time with others on code, documents, notes, etc.

Since this is wide-open for anyone to use, I've also setup a cron job that frequently commits the session to a git repository. You can view the changes to our gobby session via gitweb. Regardless, you should still save anything that you expect to keep locally.

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Posted by Luis at Wed Feb 20 21:23:26 2008

Wow, that's really sweet.

It would be cool to be able to edit wiki pages that way...

Posted by Luis at Wed Feb 20 21:26:58 2008

To elaborate on that last comment a bit: there are times (like board meetings, or conferences) when collaborative editing of immediately published public wiki pages would be really sweet, and where just normal wiki editing is... suboptimal.

Posted by Mike McGrath at Thu Feb 21 01:45:07 2008

If you ask me wiki anything is suboptimal :)  I used gobby today with ricky, luke and Toshio for a while.  I found it quite useful.

Posted by lewk at Thu Feb 21 02:15:56 2008

yeah, wiki's tend to SUCK.  Especially because most require some insanely unintuitive syntax that no human should ever have to type.  I am really hoping if Fedora goes the way of MediaWiki that we can at least hook up some sort of rich text editing plugin.

Personally, I'm more excited about what is going on here:

I highly recommend checking out the screencast.

Posted by Luis at Thu Feb 21 16:34:32 2008

Wikis publish to the world; if you're not interested in the rest of the world, then yes, wikis suck, but for the rest of us...

Posted by liquidat at Thu Feb 21 22:14:32 2008

I would like to test it, but I'm not sure which password I should enter: the one from the wiki, or the one from the admin session, or a total new one?

The link is dead so no password there...

Posted by lewk at Fri Feb 22 00:26:41 2008


You have to ssh into and `cat ~lmacken/gobby`.  Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Posted by Killerkiw at Wed Mar 26 03:24:38 2008

Does gobby have undo / redo yet?

Posted by lewk at Fri Mar 28 17:49:55 2008

@Killerkiw: nope :(

Posted by ben at Sat Nov 28 21:28:54 2009

It does now.

Posted by Rusty at Mon Jun 13 18:18:15 2011

Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brillanit posts.