Sat, 27 Mar 2010

Fedora Community Statistics

I'm pleased to announce that version 0.4.0 of the Fedora Community dashboard has just hit production. Along with the usual batch of bugfixes, this release contains a new 'Statistics' section that contains metrics from a variety of different pieces of Fedora Infrastructure.

Thanks goes to Ian Weller for the wiki stats, Seth Vidal for the torrent stats, and Matt Domsch & Jef Spaleta for the map generation code. I ended up writing the updates metrics, package stats, and users/mirrors widgets. Enjoy!

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Posted by Jef Spaleta at Sat Mar 27 04:26:23 2010

Rock! I love you guys.  I wish I had a better map generator than the matplotlib to offer you for the heat map.  You could look at turning on the bluemarble sat-photo background on the maps.


Posted by Máirín Duffy at Sat Mar 27 15:35:40 2010

Luke, Seth, Ian, that is damn sexy!

(I do have a couple CSS patches for you, I see a couple missing classes causing spacing issues :) )

Posted by nelson marques at Sun Mar 28 02:48:01 2010

Great job accomplished. I bow before such nice work.

Posted by susmit at Sun Mar 28 02:59:57 2010

Or you can look for osm api (I can help with that if needed) for the map. The licence is cc-by-sa and we already use it for ambassadors membership map.

I shall try and look if membership maps for all groups in form of a drop down can be added there too.