Sat, 10 Jan 2015

Atomic OSTree updates for Fedora 21

With the new Fedora 21 Cloud Atomic Host released, we needed a way to continuously update the OSTree during the Fedora updates process. The rawhide & branched nightly tree composes are triggered by cron jobs, but we needed to somehow tie it into the Bodhi push process for F21.

There are a number of ways to compose OSTrees, but for this task we needed a lot more control and flexibility than things like the rpm-ostree-toolbox give us. So I wrote a new tool called (for the lack of a better name) the fedmsg-atomic-composer. It is comprised of a command-line tool, a Python API, as well as a fedmsg consumer that can trigger tree composes whenever Fedora repositories are updated.

Here's how it works:

From here, hooking this tool into the Bodhi push process was fairly simple. All we needed to do was to update the repo URLs in our to point to our freshly mashed local repositories, and then we're good to go.

So far the tree composes has been churning along smoothly, and we have yet to encounter any major issues. I think the next step for our Atomic infrastructure is probably to get the new MirrorManager2 deployed so we can start to balance the load a bit.

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