Tue, 14 Jul 2009

Fedora 9 Updates Metrics

Fedora 9 Updates

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Posted by Jef Spaleta at Tue Jul 14 17:23:15 2009

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

I'm a failure when it comes to reporting back about test packages. 

I have updates-testing enabled by default because I'm willing to brave regressions. Problem is I'm not seeing regressions. For updates that are working well, I've no idea they are testing updates unless I make a significant effort to track something.

I think I need some help..some sort of tool that will let me easily review which packages I have install and using from testing for a day or more that I should think about dropping some positive karma on. 


Posted by Federico at Tue Jul 14 18:02:40 2009

Thanks for this report: i find it very useful and interesting!

Posted by Luke at Tue Jul 14 18:42:02 2009


I agree, we don't make it easy enough to provide feedback.  Running `bodhi --testable` will show you a list of updates-testing packages that you currently have installed on your system, and then can you either comment from the web, or run `bodhi --karma +1 --comment "Works for me"`.

I also don't think we make it easy enough to enable updates-testing.  Maybe a firstboot screen or have PackageKit initially prompt the user?

The need for a more streamlined way for users/developers to provide useful input is obvious.

Posted by Max at Tue Jul 14 19:09:35 2009

These stats are great.  We need more and more of this kind of stuff.  Ian Weller, are you watching?  :)

Posted by Jef Spaleta at Tue Jul 14 21:44:41 2009

oh sweet

bodhi --testable

that's a good start.

Would you be the one to talk to about extending that feature?

Since its python I could probably find a few minutes to write working code for different ways to enhance that feature with a specific testing workflow in mind.


Posted by Luke at Tue Jul 14 22:24:07 2009

Jef, since I implemented `bodhi --testable` I guess I'm the one to talk to about extending it :)  I'm also up for anything really.  There is an open feature request to add a bodhi option to automatically +1 every updates-testing update you have installed.  However, I feel that we can do better than that.

Posted by Jef Spaleta at Tue Jul 14 22:48:37 2009

Oh most definitely. I'm not looking to short circuit testing workflow will instant karma love. I just want to try to better toolize the workflow we want people people to use once they enable the updates-testing firehose.

My baseline assumptions are that most technical competent people who could be providing feedback but aren't are like me in that they are just overwhelmed.  They need some bite-sized task prompting.

There are too many updates for one person to be able to deeply test all of them quickly enough to be timely. So I think we can build an expected workflow and tools that encourages many individuals to take the time to deeply test just one update ticket a day and provide karma feedback on that one update. With some weighted randomization which puts critical path packages in front of more eyeballs on average in the hopes of seeing them make it through testing faster.

I think the bodhi client has enough there right now for me to demo and dogfood what I'm talking about.

Posted by Luke at Wed Jul 15 19:26:27 2009

Does anyone else find it interesting that KDE is much more tested in Fedora than GNOME? :)

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