Sun, 11 Oct 2009

Fedora 12 filesystem showdown

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Posted by Luke at Mon Oct 12 02:31:36 2009

I should also note that these tests just run bonnie++ without any special arguments.  I will most likely re-run these with -b to enable fsync() calls after writes, which will do a better job of simulating real-world loads.

Posted by Bernie at Mon Oct 12 06:40:45 2009

I'd be interested to see reiserfs (-o notail) included purely because I have an old squid box now straining under I/O load. Back in the day, reiserfs was the received wisdom for squid. No idea what my new squid box should run, maybe your graphs will give me a hint.

Posted by Luke at Mon Oct 12 16:35:16 2009

@Bernie, Yep I will definitely be bringing Reiserfs into the mix during my next round of testing.

However, I'm going to wait a few days for 2.6.23-rc3+ to hit rawhide, since it apparently contains some optimizations to the I/O layer.

Posted by Luke at Tue Oct 13 01:59:45 2009

I should also note that this was done on some OLD hardware.  It's not meant to show how fast my machine is, but how the different filesystems compare to eachother.