Tue, 27 Jan 2009

bodhi updates push process

Bodhi's push process is something that is usually quite opaque to Fedora package maintainers. Once an update request goes into bodhi, the developer sits back and waits for the update to go to where it needs to go. The ball is then in releng's court, as they must sign the packages, and tell bodhi to begin the push. From there, bodhi does it's thing for a while, and then updates magically end up on our users machines. Yay!

Pushing updates used to take the better part of a day, mostly due to dumb code and lots of filesystem churn over NFS. Thankfully, a lot of the code is now much smarter, and people like jkeating and mmcgrath have been helping to address the NFS & infrastructure bottlenecks.

Hopefully I can help shed some light on one of the dark corners of bodhi known as The Masher. Here are some statistics of the last updates push that happened earlier today.

Initial push request from releng
Check koji tag / bodhi status consistency38s
Move all of the build tags in Koji 9m32s
Update the comps CVS module 11s
Mash f9-updates-testing 4m16s
Mash f9-updates 1h3m8s
Mash f10-updates-testing 12m43s
Mash f10-updates 37m51s
Set update ids, state modifications, updates-testing digest generation 1m57s
Generate updateinfo.xml 5m55s
Repo sanity checks & symlinking to go live 1m4s
Cache latest repodata, and remove old 1m14s
Wait for updates to hit the master mirror 1h1s
Send update notices, update/close bugs, notify developers/commenters 11m11s

So we've obviously made some great improvements here, and once the signing server is deployed, you can probably expect a much more frequent/consistent flow of updates. However, I definitely think there is still a lot of low-hanging fruit in this process, and many steps can probably be done in parallel. We're going to be adding DeltaRPM generation into the mix in the near future, so I'll give an update a bit later with some details as to how that effects the process.

Anyway... if you know Python, and enjoy optimizing code -- come talk to me :)

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