Tue, 13 Nov 2007

bodhi command-line client

The bodhi-client package should be making its way to an updates-testing repository near you! Not only does this command-line tool give developers easier access to bodhi, but also provides some new features to help people get more involved with testing updates and providing useful feedback.

I wrote up some documentation on various usage examples of the tool, which can be found on the bodhi wiki. I also submitted a Makefile.common patch that, once applied, will allow you to run `make update` from your package branch. This will drop you into a new update template, and will then submit your update straight to bodhi.

Some noteworthy features in the bodhi-client, aside from the normal bodhi functionality:

I also upgraded our production bodhi instance yesterday, which pulled in a ton of bugfixes and some new features, such as:

As always, patches/questions/criticisms/comments are welcome. You can file tickets in the usual place. Happy hacking!

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Posted by Roby at Thu Apr 14 22:01:18 2011

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