Sat, 15 Sep 2007

bodhi 0.2.0

I'm pleased to announce that bodhi 0.2.0 has been released and deployed. This release has fixed a ton of issues and introduces many new features, such as:

This release introduces many database changes from the previous version, so it will be much easier to jump back into the release-early-release often cycle.

Soon to come:

I would also like to thank Till Maas and Tim Lauridsen for taking the time to help out and do some great work.

There is still much to be done with bodhi, so if you're interested in helping out, you can setup a local bodhi development playground with just a few commands and dive in.

As always, please file any bugs or enhancement requests here.

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Posted by Dinamo at Sat Dec 6 00:26:17 2014

Whether you consider it a good traremadk or not, Hasbro does have a registered traremadk for computer games with the name  Battleship .  I really don't think KDE or Fedora is in a position to fight them on the traremadk.  If I recall correctly, traremadks have much looser rules than patents or copyrights.  Particularly, you don't have to be the one to originate the name in order to get a traremadk for it, and it is perfectly reasonable to traremadk a common word, name or phrase.  The catch is that traremadks only apply to a narrow range of products.  So Hasbro has separate traremadks for a battleship board game, battleship computer game program, and battleship handheld electronic game.  Trademarking one of these does not automatically apply to other similar products (so for instance someone could probably still sell a pen-and-paper battleship game).  Completely different companies have traremadks for a battleship movie and a battleship herbacide brand, and hasbro can't touch them.  But Kbattleship is definitely still a computer game program, so it would infringe on Hasbro's traremadk.  However, since Hasbro did not come up with the concept of battleship, I doubt they have a copyright for the actual gameplay, so as long as the name is changed there would be no problem.

Posted by Dantesi at Tue Mar 10 00:43:13 2015

Not only do I remember them but I still have some of the RA&A books I had as a child. And I inrehited a huge Raggedy collection, and have been adding to it.