Wed, 19 Dec 2007

TurboFlot 0.0.1

In an effort to clean up bodhi's metrics code a bit, I wrote a TurboFlot plugin that allows you to wield the jQuery plugin flot inside of TurboGears applications. The code is quite trivial -- it's essentially just a TurboGears JSON proxy to the jQuery flot plugin. Breaking this code out into it's own widget makes it really easy to generate shiny graphs in a Pythonic fashon, without having to write a line of javascript.

Check out the README to see the code for the example above.

To use TurboFlot in your own application, you just pass your data and graph options to the widget, and then throw it up to your template. Read the flot API documentation for details on all of the arguments. Here is a simple usage example:

flot = TurboFlot([
        'data'  : [[0, 3], [4, 8], [8, 5], [9, 13]],
        'lines' : { 'show' : True, 'fill' : True }
        'grid'  : { 'backgroundColor' : '#fffaff' },
        'yaxis' : { 'max' : '850' }
Then, to display the widget in your template, you simply use:

The code for the widget itself is pretty simple. It just takes your data and graph options, encodes them as JSON and tosses them at flot.
class TurboFlot(Widget):
        A TurboGears Flot Widget.
    template = """
      <div xmlns:py="" id="turboflot"
          $.plot($("#turboflot"), ${data}, ${options});
    params = ["data", "options", "height", "width"]
    javascript = [JSLink('turboflot', 'excanvas.js'),
                  JSLink("turboflot", "jquery.js"),
                  JSLink("turboflot", "jquery.flot.js")]

    def __init__(self, data, options={}, height="300px", width="600px"): = simplejson.dumps(data)
        self.options = simplejson.dumps(options)
        self.height = height
        self.width = width

You can download the latest releases from the Python Package Index:
Or you can grab my latest development tree out of mercurial:
As always, patches are welcome :)

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