Mon, 20 Aug 2007

Addicted to the needle

So for the past two years I have been drinking Chunshan Silver Needle on a daily basis, and have yet to even grow remotely tired of it. Even to this day it still is able to produce a powerfully uplifting productive energy that focuses the mind. People frequently ask me if I ever sleep.. the answer is sometimes, and the reason is mostly due to these golden needles.

A description from

"Chunshan Silver Needle is considered the best and the most valuable of all yellow teas. Yellow are unfermented and become yellow as a by product of the stir frying stage of the tea making process. When infused the liquor turn to a clear yellow orange color. They have a pure and fresh fragrance and leave your mouth feeling cleansed and refreshed. Unlike white teas, yellow teas have a definite taste, which is quite singular and monotonic."
By far my favorite tea.

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