Tue, 14 Aug 2007


So today I setup a Gobby server for us Fedora hackers to play around with. This will allow people to collaborate in real-time on code, notes, whatever. With the VirtualFUDCon this week, it may be a good place to collaborate on ideas and such. To check it out, install 'gobby', and connect to publictest2.fedora.redhat.com. This is a test instance, so be sure to save everything that you expect to keep, and feel free to drop your comments/suggestions in the 'sobby notes' document.

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Posted by Ethanael at Thu Apr 14 09:14:53 2011

That's rlaley thinking out of the box. Thanks!

Posted by mlmcitdelo at Sat Apr 23 03:50:15 2011

nHaS0B  hlosuigajufk

Posted by Mariep at Fri Dec 5 22:50:23 2014

I have no opinion about Fudcon (I'm Ubuntistas) but the goolge bike ROCKS!!!I want one too.Δεν έχω άποψη για το Fudcon (εγώ είμαι Ubuntistas) αλλά το goolge ποδήλατο είναι όλα τα λεφτά!!!Θέλω και εγώ ένα.

Posted by Kanesa at Fri Dec 12 16:21:56 2014

I also had this exact problem with the r755 theme and no posts or pages lodinag in either the website or the admin dashboard.  Updating functions.php with this fix resolved all the problems for me straight away.  This was after migrating to a new web hosting server where I had upgraded to php5.3  so THANK YOU for this great fix.  It resolved all the problems immediately.