Fri, 10 Aug 2007

With my college career at RIT coming to an end, I had to say goodbye to Rochester NY last week. My last day in Rochester consisted of open face for lunch, and a tasty Mark's Sloppy Plate for dinner -- with an abundance of ruckus in between.

So last week I moved into a sweet apartment in Watertown, MA. The place is right on Arlington street, and is in a pretty amazing neighborhood. I'm 1 block from a basketball court, 2 blocks from a 24/7 711 (my girlfriend and I have already made multiple 4am slurpee & nacho runs), and a 10 minute bus ride to harvard square.

One of my favorite parts about Watertown is that it is really not chainy at all. Every corner has a ton of mom&pop shops, and I haven't seen a single McDonalds yet. But by far the best part about living here -- RUSSOS!!1.

One of the kids who lived in my last apartment left me with a pretty badass server rack, which I gladly accepted. I still need to order some more shelving and such, but it's great to finally have a central place for all of my puters.

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