Sun, 17 Jun 2007


My roomate recently received an Alesis Micron synth as a wedding present, and then proceeded to leave it with me for a week while he went on his honeymoon. Much noise ensued.

Here are a couple of tracks I recorded while messing around with it. Due to the lack of time to actually sit down and produce a cohesive song, I'm throwing them up as-is. I'm also releasing them under the Creative Commons so anyone can chop them up if they want.

This track hits hard the whole way through, but seriously starts dropping shit like a pigeon about 5 minutes in. It's comprised of two tracks: the beat, and miscellaneous insanity that I was able to find while exploring the capabilities of the micron.

A journey through insomnia. I really don't remember recording this at all, as I had been awake for about 50 hours. The end product is pretty nuts. I cannot be held responsible. It's a single track; just one long jam.

(As for the naming scheme, I have been reading way too much pre-socratic philosophy lately)

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