Mon, 07 May 2007

So my girlfriend and I set the intention to start 3 businesses this month.

L00T.US is born.

I'm hoping to gear l00t towards {audio,video}philes, professionals, and people with good taste in electronics. All items are going to be top-of-the-line, and will be *way* below list price. If there is a certain piece of equipment that you are looking for, let me know and I'll see if I can get it or something that competes with it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

One down.. two to go.

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Posted by Blanki at Sat Dec 6 02:46:54 2014

Que puedo decir de esto ? XD jajaa nah!!!a0Muy bien por tu parte Kervin! por intentar que mas usaruio prueben Linux  a0Linux entra en cualkier Pc , Notebook , Netbook , etcsin importar ke arquitectura sea . sin tanto esfuerzo y mas aun hoy en dia..Linux ya supero a Windows en varios aspectos a0para lo novatos les recomiendoa0 Linuxmint 10 Juliapara los novatos con algo de conocimientos : UBUNTU 11.04para los Intermedios : OpenSUSe , Fedora ,etcpara los expertos : Debian!a0en fin  felicito a Kervin por ensentivar a mas personas a probar linux !a0buen post!

Posted by Nabila at Sat Mar 7 02:40:47 2015

Since Ubuntu came out everyone's now inetersted in Debian-based distros like Ubuntu and Knoppix. What about stats for books about Suse and Mandriva? Their hits per day on Distrowatch are going down, while every one of the Debian based distros is either steady or going up.

Posted by Wellyton at Sun Apr 12 02:20:40 2015

I also would like to know what is being changed beisde the system requirements. I was notified this morning that it's available but I have no idea if I should take it or just hold off until the next update. I know Google has become quite enamored lately with the practice of making changes but not telling their users what they are or why they're being made, but I really hope this is a case of the upgrade being inadvertently released before everything was ready for it to go.

Posted by cheap life insurance at Wed Apr 22 20:11:44 2015

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