Mon, 07 May 2007

So my girlfriend and I set the intention to start 3 businesses this month.

L00T.US is born.

I'm hoping to gear l00t towards {audio,video}philes, professionals, and people with good taste in electronics. All items are going to be top-of-the-line, and will be *way* below list price. If there is a certain piece of equipment that you are looking for, let me know and I'll see if I can get it or something that competes with it. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

One down.. two to go.

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Posted by Blanki at Sat Dec 6 02:46:54 2014

Que puedo decir de esto ? XD jajaa nah!!!a0Muy bien por tu parte Kervin! por intentar que mas usaruio prueben Linux  a0Linux entra en cualkier Pc , Notebook , Netbook , etcsin importar ke arquitectura sea . sin tanto esfuerzo y mas aun hoy en dia..Linux ya supero a Windows en varios aspectos a0para lo novatos les recomiendoa0 Linuxmint 10 Juliapara los novatos con algo de conocimientos : UBUNTU 11.04para los Intermedios : OpenSUSe , Fedora ,etcpara los expertos : Debian!a0en fin  felicito a Kervin por ensentivar a mas personas a probar linux !a0buen post!