Mon, 07 May 2007


I'm usually not one for unproductive ranting, but I noticed this right after a fresh rawhide bootup...

[lmacken@tomservo ~]$ sudo ./
 Private  +   Shared  =  RAM used       Program 
 17.7 MiB +   5.3 MiB =  23.0 MiB       setroubleshootd
 13.4 MiB +  11.2 MiB =  24.6 MiB       /usr/bin/sealer
 51.9 MiB +   2.9 MiB =  54.8 MiB       yum-updatesd

I'm sorry, but most of my machines don't have this kind of memory to spare. Is Python to blame? As far as interpreter overhead, maybe a little bit, or could it be the sheer simplicity and power of the language which is allowing it to be abused?

I'd be interested if anyone has any tips/tricks for slimming down Python daemons.
I'd be thankful if someone did something about it.

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