Sat, 19 May 2007

Fedora Infrastructure Project notifications and IRC hackery

I started a Fedora Infrastructure mugshot group the other day, and hooked it up to the Timelines of some of our Infrastructure projects that are currently under development: smolt, bodhi, pungi, koji, mirrormanager, presto, and beaker. This will keep members of the group notified of code commits, ticket activity, as well as wiki and milestone changes.

Recently, Bugzilla hacker Max Kanat-Alexander setup a new Supybot IRC bot for us in #fedorabot that spits out Bugzilla activity in real time. I quickly threw together a Fedora plugin that will allow us to implement some useful functions to help out users and developers. At the moment, I only created a whoowns command.

<lmacken> buggbot: whoowns nethack
<buggbot> lmacken: nethack is owned by

With Fedora 7 and a bunch of shiny new infrastructure right around the corner, I'm sure we'll be able to do some fun things with this. If you're interested in hacking on this plugin, you can clone my mercurial repository by doing the following:

$ hg clone

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